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Premier works with individuals based on personal interests with the Discovery process. Discovery means, working with each person to find out 'who they are' and what they would like to see for themselves in terms of employment interests. This is a wonderful way to support individuals who may not have an employment preference and/or may not know where to go when wanting to join the workforce. This process will also identify any supports that are needed or wanted by the individual in the workplace. This is the most efficient process in finding the most successful employment opportunities.

Premier will provide Job Skills training for qualified worksites. Premier works collaboratively with Community Partners for the best possible employment outcome for each person.

Premier provides ongoing Job Coaching. We want each person to feel supported and successful in their place of employment.

Premier believes everyone should be given the opportunity to be a part of their community workforce.

We know that when individuals are given the opportunity to learn new skills through job related experiences, confidence and independence grow.

Premier is dedicated to partnering with local businesses to create employment opportunities to Individuals living with ID/DD that facilitate coalition and success within their communities.

Premier Employment Service Highlights:

  • Personal Interests
  • Supported Worksites
  • Job Placement
  • Job Skills Training
  • Ongoing Job Coaching
  • Success

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